Mission Statement
The Homer Arts Advisory Committee understands the integral nature of the arts in the health of the community. United through the committee and the endowed fund, the committee endeavors to establish Homer as a culturally rich and artistically excellent community now and in the future.
Why We Need the Arts
The artist creates and imitates in an effort to express an understanding of the beautiful and sublime. Reflecting and reacting toward the philosophy that dominates the public imagination, the artist presents images of that understanding using the most powerful communication known the arts. Through this dialogue with the community, the local culture is enriched and the community achieves awareness.

From the cave paintings of the ancients to alternative rock music, the arts have been a major part of civilization. Affecting what is bought, thought and even believed, the arts work within a community to help shape that society's dream.

Homer Arts Advisory Committee/HACF
PO Box 201
Homer, MI 49245
phone: (517) 568-3495

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