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Initial sales of the soon-to-be-published Homer area history, “Ties to Homer,” have been very good since they began September 27 at the Homer Historical Society’s Fall Festival, the Homer History Book Committee reports. Paid orders have been received for 250 of the 1,000 copies being printed.

“ The History Book Commit-tee is encouraging people to order and pay for a book now while copies are $25 each because they can save $5 per copy before March 15. After that date, books will be $30 each,” said JoAnne Miller, one of the book’s editors. “Hardly a day goes by that we don’t receive an order by mail, a telephone call, or an e-mail inquiring about the book. They come from all over the country. There really are lots of people with their own ties to Homer,” she said.

“ Ordering a book early ensures people that they will have a copy when the books arrive. They would make a great Christmas gift for relatives and for people near and far who may have lived in the Homer area or graduated from Homer High School,” Miller said. “The early sale of the book enables us to cover the publication costs.”

The Homer Historical Society is the fiscal agent for the book, which is being written by a committee of area residents.“ Ties to Homer” will be 250 pages, and it is the first comprehensive history of the village, Homer Township and adjacent parts of Albion, Clarendon and Eckford since 1894. It will have several dozen photographs and illustrations, and it will include information dating back to the area’s first settlers.

Work on the book began in the spring of 2002, and it is scheduled for delivery before the September 25, 2004, Fall Festival.

Book orders may be placed and paid at the Homer Public Library or by calling JoAnne Miller at 517-568-3116 or Marjorie Neufer at 517-629-7374.

The Homer Historical Society is also offering Christmas ornaments and apple butter for sale. Both are annual fund raisers for the organization which uses the money it raises to further the restoration of Blair Historical Farm, cover the maintenance costs of the family farm museum, and support historic preservation programs.

The Historical Society created a set of six collectible Christ-mas ornaments starting in 1994 with one featuring a drawing of Blair Historical Farm. This ornament retails for nine dollars.
The other ornaments, which sell for five dollars each, include:

  • 1995 - The old Homer Public Library (now the Homer Community Foundation).
  • 1996 - The old fire station which was used from 1876 to 1976.
  • 1997 - Michigan Central Railroad Depot.
  • 1998 - Milton Barney House (now the Tidd-Williams Funeral Chapel).
  • 1999 - Homer Public School.
  • Blair Farm Apple Butter is also available in half-pints for $2.25, pints at $4, and quarts for $7.


Call 517-568-3278 to purchase ornaments or apple butter.



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